These are people of <br/>Bigpicture running for <br/>the dream.

We are young, we are fast.<br/>We always search for novelty and have dream bigger than any other’s.

01 Person who prioritizes “team goal” instead of “self-goal”

  • Always help others if being asked to (Others above myself)
  • Don’t be hesitated to share own’s experience with others, so you can make your team improved.
  • Don’t blame others behind but give them feedbacks in front to grow more.
  • Have a bright look and always try to make a good atmosphere of the team.
  • No doubt of illegal behaviors like rebate, bribe, or any other sexual harassment.

02 No doubt of illegal behaviors like rebate, bribe, or any other sexual harassment.

  • Work really really hard. Very diligent.
  • Whatever it takes, always acquire the skill that you think you need to have. (Endless needs for self-development)
  • If you are curious of something, go to find the solution first and don’t hesitate to ask others.
  • Give feedbacks to anyone regardless of the position in the company and accept other feedback properly. Have a fast growth cycle throughout the feedbacks from others.

03 Person who has a strong will to challenge

  • Have an attitude of just doing the task if given. (There are hundreds of reasons that they can’t go succeeded.)
  • Problem always occurs, so don’t be afraid of solving the problem. (We are the problem-solvers. Missions never stop coming to us)
  • Have a good skill to manage own’s mental condition. (No one can live without a tiny of stress, but never let stress dominate your life)
  • ry to think how to find a solution instead of being worried of.

04 Person who has a “great work ability”

  • Don’t make others worried of your tasks. No quality issues.
  • Find a solution and solve the problem before being asked.

05 Person who has a “good communication skill”

  • Leaders: Explain “Why” well
  • Team Members: Focus on “How” instead of “Why”
  • Know how much your words can influence others. Watch out your words. Your words should be helpful for the team.
  • Deliver your opinion clearly with examples and logics.
  • Ex) “I think this is good! I think it’s not okay?” is unconvincing. “I think this is good because ~, and there is an actual example of ~” is a convincing way to deliver a clear opinion.